AIR для Android, и планы Adobe по кроссплатформенным приложениям

AIR для Android, и планы Adobe по кроссплатформенным приложениям

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Симметричный ответ предыдущей новости ;) Мне кажется не обошлось без участия Apple.

Между тем, по нашему опыту, реализация хоть сколько-либо сложных десктоп приложений на AIR, на базе дефолтовых компонент приводит к явным проблемам — производительность, ресурсоемкость и стабильность. Это связанно с «сыростью» AIR. При этом о портировании их на мобильные платформы вообще вериться с трудом.

The bane of all mobile app developers is the need to rewrite the same app over and over again for different devices: the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Palm Pre, Nokia, Windows Mobile. Adobe is positioning its Flash platform (which includes the Flash player, AIR, developer tools, and media servers) as the write-once, deploy-anywhere solution for both the mobile Web and apps. Today at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, it will announce plans to bring Adobe AIR to mobile devices, starting with Android and Blackberry phones.

AIR is currently used to create desktop applications, but it will soon be used to create Android and Blackberry apps as well. These mobile AIR apps will be able store data locally on the phone, access other data on the phones such as photos, and be distributed as regular apps in the Android and Blackberry app stores. Not only that, but the same apps created with Flash developer tools will be exportable as iPhone apps. Adobe wants developers to create their apps using its developer tools and then output them as AIR apps for Android and Blackberry phones, native iPhone apps, or Flash apps on the Web.