App Stores это «большой кусок» — $7 млрд в 2010

App Stores это «большой кусок» — $7 млрд в 2010

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Gartner тоже не смог пройти мимо волны открытия app stores для мобильных приложений и дал прогноз роста этого рынка почти до $30 млрд к 2013 году.

According to the analysts at research firm Gartner, mobile application stores are expected to generate revenues of nearly $7 billion over the course of this year. That figure is a combination of the $6.2 billion spent purchasing the mobile applications themselves combined with an additional $0.6 billion generated through advertising revenues from in-app ads. Not surprisingly, Apple dominates this market, accounting for 99.4% of the market as of last year, states the report.

Over the course of 2009, mobile applications’ download revenue exceeded $4.2 billion with eight out of every ten apps downloaded offered free to end users, says Gartner. Going forward, the analysts predict mobile application stores’ revenue will grow to $29.5 billion by the end of 2013. That revenue, again, will be a combination of paid applications and free applications running ads.

3 Billion in Apple App Sales? Not Exactly

While we’re sure the general trend is correct as far as the growth of mobile application stores and Apple’s position as the market leader, we have to agree with the note that John Gruber recently made on his blog regarding these figures. He quotes a portion of the report where analyst Chris Foresman says:

Earlier this month, Apple announced that sales had topped 3 billion; that means iPhone users downloaded 2.5 billion apps in 2009 alone. Gartner’s figures show another 16 million apps that could come from other platform’s recently opened app stores, giving Apple at least 99.4 percent of all mobile apps sold for the year.


  • Bethrezen

    Интересно насколько большим куском является Windows Mobile App Store

  • Pavel Rogozhin

    В принципе можно попробовать поискать это в отчетности MS, но думаю выявить реальную цифру будет очень сложной задачей ;)