AppUp: App Store от Intel для нетбуков

AppUp: App Store от Intel для нетбуков

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Успех App Store от Apple вдохновил Intel пойти еще дальше — не просто создать свой аппстор для нетбуков на своей платформе, вместе с SDK. Но и предлагать готовое решение для создание собственного app store сторонним вендорам платформ.

Thanks to Apple and its iPhone App Store model, all of this might very soon become unnecessary, as companies are announcing similar app store that cater to owners of devices other than mobile phones. First it was Samsung with its HDTV app store, and now Intel has unveiled AppUp, an app store for netbooks.

The store itself is a desktop app for Windows-based netbooks; you download it, and install apps from there. Some of the apps currently on offer are Newsy, Boxee and Yoono. On the developer side, you can download the SDK for creating apps for the store and build your own; Intel claims that the SDK has already been downloaded 2,500 times.

Intel also offers a white label solution for different netbook manufacturers, who can create their own, branded versions of the store. We can probably expect these to come pre-installed on netbooks in the future. Intel, however, plans to expand the store beyond netbooks onto other devices, such as handhelds, smart TV devices, and even PCs. And why not? The app store is not as necessary on a PC or a netbook as it is on a mobile phone, but once you get used to the concept, it can be a neat, tidy, well organized place to find and discover software.