Bing’s Loses Market Share, But Success Rate Is Up

Bing’s Loses Market Share, But Success Rate Is Up

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bing_logo_may09.pngGoogle still dominates the search market in in the U.S., while Bing, Yahoo and Ask lost a small slice of the market in December. According to the latest data from Hitwise, Google’s market share continues to hover around 72%. Yahoo now owns 14.83% of the search market and Bing accounted for 8.92% of all U.S. searches. Hitwise also looked at the success rates for the top search engines. Hitwise defines this as «the percentage of executed searches that result in a visit to a site other than a main search domain.» Here, Bing used to trail Yahoo and Google by a significant margin, but is now on par with Google.


Bing’s success

rate is now over 75%, while Yahoo Search still leads among the top search engines with a 79% success rate.

As Hitwise’s Bill Tancer points out, though, it is important to note that port

al search engines generally see simpler queries and more of these queries are navigational or brand queries. Inevitably, these searches tend to have a higher success rate and while only 9% of the top 1

00 search terms on Google are brand or navigational searches, these types of searches account for 15.1% of all searches on Yahoo Search and 16.5% of all searches on Bing.