Найди баг в Google Chrome и получи $500-$1337

Найди баг в Google Chrome и получи $500-$1337

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Неплохой, хоть и не новый ход. Да, понятно мы увеличиваем Install base продукта, получаем большее количество фидбеков. Но ведь ставка взята не с потолка? Интересно как они ее высчитали?

Google has just launched a new program aimed at improving security for its new web browser, Google Chrome. Developers who find a bug in either Chrome or Chromium, the open source codebase used as the testing grounds for Chrome, will receive anywhere from $500 to $1337 for reporting the issue. The amount of the reward will vary depending on the severity of the security hole discovered, says Google. Those bugs deemed «particularly severe or particularly clever» will receive the higher amount.

The concept for an incentive program is not new, as Google notes in their blog post. It’s based on a similar venture created by the folks at Mozilla, the organization behind the Firefox web browser. Like Mozilla, Google’s rewards also start at $500 for most issues. The payment of $1337, the number a nod to the geeky internet slang called «leet speak,» will be reserved only for critical bugs that would have had a major impact if left unpatched.