Обама пообещал стартапам $30 млрд.

Обама пообещал стартапам $30 млрд.

Павел Рогожин:

Самое правильное в таком обещании создать порог входа на уже готовой системе оценке рисков — кредитах. Молодцы, не то слово.

Другой вопрос что в US уже все хорошо поняли сколько именно будет стоит кредит, и для увеличения рынка для «сбыта» своего предложения вводят StartUp Visa.

При всей поверхностной позитивной оценке, все не так просто. У нас правда и того нет…

Earlier this week we told you how New York Times op-ed contributor and author Thomas Friedman urged President Obama to take steps to help foster a new age of innovation and entrepreneurship. Well it seems that Obama may have received that message, as Wednesday night during his State of the Union address to Congress the president proposed a bill to help small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Perhaps Obama listened to Friedman, or maybe he saw the frenzied excitement that grows around new innovations like the iPad — either way, the president seems to have taken the first baby steps toward a more entrepreneurial culture in America.

In the first quarter of a speech that lasted nearly seventy minutes — due in no small part part to the customary and, at times, comically frequent applause breaks — Obama leveled his focus on small businesses, calling for a $30 billion bill to help them attain credit from banks.

One idea that Obama did not mention which could bolster the nation’s innovative spirit is the so-called «startup visa» which could bring foreign entrepreneurs to the U.S. and create jobs — a movement we wrote about earlier this month.