Will Google Apps Make The Nexus One Enterprise Ready?

Will Google Apps Make The Nexus One Enterprise Ready?

Thumbnail image for nexus-one-specs-shot.pngAt CES this past week, Google executive Andy Rubin said that the next version of the Nexus One phone will be for the enterprise. It could have a physical keyboard.

Our bet is that Google Apps will be tightly integrated into the Nexus One enterprise phone. Google syncs every Android phone to a Google account. The next step seems logical. Sync Google Apps with the Android.

With Google Apps integrated, a customer could assign employees a Nexus One smartphone that is tied centrally to the account. As described on Ars Technica, each device could have its own Google Voice number. The smartphones could be then distributed to employees. Billing would be centralized and the employees would have a managed suite of applications for email, messaging, calendering, contacts and more.

In the end, Google may be the winner simply also by offering features that are as available on the Nexus One as on a Blackberry device. A core Google strategy is to develop features that cut across the consumer and enterprise. That’s apparent in a feature announced today that allows Blackberry users to search email and contacts with a new Google application. You can perform the same function on a Nexus One.